Molly Thompson Smith

Molly Thompson Smith
Edinburgh EYC 2013

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

I apologise. I have been absolutely awful with writing blogs recently. My excuse is that school has kind of taken over my life at the moment... I spent most of my holidays trying to get to grips with electrolysis and other useless things I have to know for school. To be honest, I actually enjoyed some of it! 

But anyways, instead of boring you all with lots of words I thought I'd try something new and sum up my 2013 with pictures and captions. Just warning you, my year was a busy one so there are LOTS of pics. So here goes...

An old photo used for the Olympic bid.

Myself, Fran and Shanua helping out at a BMC press event.

CWIF 2013

Enjoying the beauty of the Roaches whilst filming a piece for the BMC on the Olympics.

Bridge of Love on a school trip to Paris... my year wasn't all climbing believe it or not!

EYC Edinburgh and Work experience trip to Boston doing physio therapy with Amy.

Myself and Alex chilling in Imst before the Euro Champs.
Throwing some funky shapes on Route 1 Imst EYCH.
JBBCs Glasgow
More filming for the BBC with Rob and reporter Sara Orchard.

Winning Round 3 of the JBBCs.
Team GB after touching down in Victoria, Canada.

Had to add a cheeky selfie in here somewhere... Featuring Canadian totem pole...

Concentrating on R2 WYCH

First time EVER the WHOLE team made semis at a WYCH!!!
Semis route WYCH.
Climbing in the Finals of the WYCH! 3rd year in a row! :D
It's always great to catch up with friends from other countries. (Hannah Schubert from Austria above).

Making friends with the Austrians/Germans at the WYCH. 
Beautiful view from our hotel room in Canada.

Overall ranking of 3rd in the World/Europe

Myself and Will Bosi with our ranking medals in Norway.

Blokfest Finals.

Hanging out with future wad Rebecca Kinghorn at the BLCCs.
Senior BLCCs finals
Senior Female BLCC Podium.
Kranj Semi Fi

My first Senior World Cup in Kranj

Imaginary seat... Youth Open

Winter Youth Open Lead R2 
Winter Youth Open Podiums (left bouldering, right leading)

Don't forget to smile!
Photos by Peter and Hannah Wuensche, Sandy Carr and Mattheus Barefoot, Nick Pope, Alex Messenger, Violeta Berel, Lukas Warzecha.

Have a great 2014... its gonna be a good one!!

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