Molly Thompson Smith

Molly Thompson Smith
Edinburgh EYC 2013

Friday, 24 January 2014

A Visit to Berrymede Junior School

Trying out the green route
Last Friday, I visited Berrymede Junior School to talk to them about climbing, myself and also test their new traverse walls. It was my first visit to a school so I was pretty nervous... but the kids were great and incredibly psyched which settled my stomach!

We started off with an assembly where Mr Cotton, their fantastic PE teacher, introduced me to the children and we had a question and answer session. The children had prepared impressive and interesting questions which was great to hear. Assembly finished with a video of me climbing 2 years ago.

More green action 
Getting burnt off at backwards climbing!! 
After the assembly, I went outside with Mr Cotton to check out their traverse walls... I knew that they had been set by some westway staff members so I knew they'd be good! I wasn't surprised - they were good. The green route (the hardest) had me pulling and I was surprised to find out the large number of the kids that could do it! After demoing the greens on both of their traverse walls it was break time and time for all the excited kids to show me their favourite climb. I showed them my shoes and chalk bag... they really really liked the chalk! Next, I was lucky enough to help Mr Cotton teach his PE lesson before lunch. We climbed, obviously,  and it was great to see all the kids on their different routes and their determination to finish them. Unfortunately the rain cut short our sesh so we had to go inside. We played some brain games where you'd have to switch fingers and thumbs you held up at the same time... I was awful! Definitely something to work on! I stayed for a lovely school lunch - something I haven't had for a long time and miss - and spoke to some of the students.

Overall it was a great day and I'd like to thank Berrymede for having me! I hope the kids choose to keep climbing :)

Playing the brain games!

Myself and the climbing team
Break time psyche

Helping out in PE 
Thanks to Steve Cotton for all of the brilliant photos :)

 And lastly thanks to my amazing sponsors:

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